Back in 1.982, when mobile phones and internet were unheard of, travelling around the world was an extraordinary adventure. Lula Maiz was studying History of Art at the time,  and eventually her curiosity and desire for knowledge drove her to begin her life as a traveller, unaware that her passion for this nomadic lifestyle and for culture would reveal a newfound vocation.

   Exploring unknown corners of Asia, Africa, Middle East and South Pacific she took the time to delve into local customs and traditions, which led her to develop an interest in traditional jewellery and ritual artefacts. As she learnt more she became increasingly fascinated by the spiritual meaning behind tribal adornments, which often served as protective charms and in many cases as the only heritage women would receive. Being a voracious reader she would complete the knowledge she acquired in situ with the study of books about ethnic and tribal jewels as well as the healing properties of the natural gems she collected.

   Slowly she built a private collection of old jewellery and antique beads, of great historical importance and rare beauty, that she would later assemble at her studio in Madrid with precious and semi-precious stones to transform them into her trademark jewellery style.

   Today, her company Lula Máiz also has an exclusive collection of contemporary design, and collaborates with renowned jewellers and antique dealers both in and out of Spain, so that her out of the ordinary designs are coveted by a loyal clientele, searching for unique pieces with rare historical value.